Shown below some advices to perfectly maintain your Elleppi's jewels. The brownish finish, which is aim to obtain  an antiquated and untreated silver effect, might turn black and lose his shininess; that's the reason why it's recommended to treat silver with care.

It's recommended to:

  • Store jewels in designed container or bag, in order to avoid scratch or contacts with other objects.
  • Avoid the contact with substances, such as creams, cleansers or soap, which might ruin and opacify the jewel.
  • Avoid to wear jewels at the pool, sea or at thermal baths, in order to prevent their blackening.
  • Avoid to clean the silver with cleansers for house cleaning. Use specific products for the silver care and/or polishing rag.

The everyone skin pH or an excessively moisture environment might cause a premature oxidation of the jewel, that's because they are nowise treated with chemical substances.

In addition to specific products and polishing rag, it's possibile to clean jewels by immersing them in a bucket of water with a mild soap, reminding to dry them when finished.

Concerning the stones, it's possibile to use a soft rag.

Be careful with the brownish finish, which might be removed if force is impressed during the cleaning process.